Wake Up, ‘Nart….!!!!!

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What one of my priorities targets this year?
Continue my studies abroad. But what I’ve done so far to achieve those targets? So far, I just found a inart who loses focus. Inart are disoriented. Inart a procrastinator. Inart who spent much time in vain. Inart who only think about how to get the money tomorrow for her family. Saving her dreams in the box and do things away from her target. Pathetic … I really hate inart like this.

I should have tried to improve the TOEFL. Learning IELTS. Extending the exercise to speak English. But what did I do? Course fee instead I used for other purposes and are not trying to find a replacement.

ADS re-registration has been opened, but I like not having any preparation.

Wake up girl… wake up. You still have time to make your dreams come true. Although difficult, be assured you get through it. You can if you think you can!!!

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