Angles Cry

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Can u tell me why, the world is so ugly
And there ain’t no pretty pictures
everywhere I go…

Spend some of u’r time,
and think of the answer
Why must people get so scared
most of their life

Now tell me why…
Why the angles gonna cry
To see the way we live our lives
where this the heart goes?

And tell me why….
Why the angles gonna cry
I close my eyes, and the better place will it come true

Walking down the street
In one bloody cold night
Where everyone is blind they show you
How to feed your hate

Education now,
War for tomorrow
And I do believe we’re living on a time bomb!

All Angles Cry


Hopes that angles don’t cry anymore

Although sometimes the world is not beautiful
Although sometimes life is not fair
Although sometimes reality very painful

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  1. Bukan Malaikat Post author

    ♪…♫…♪..♫… Pejamkan matamu… oh malaikat kecilku… esok ku kan menunggu kau bangun dengan senyummu ….tidurlah oh tidurlah sayaaang..♪..♫..♫..♪… *Gita Gutawa – Lullaby*

    Hehehe… SID duet dengan Gita Gutawa kayakx seru!!!


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