Different of me?

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My present at Haji Bate build, Sumigo, for presence wedding reception my sister at SMUDAMA, my High School, Hikmah, that is make Fajar seen me strange. As if do believe and don’t believe He looks my condition now. I don’t know, what He is thinking that time, definitely I feel uncomfortable with him.

Kak Deka, Kak Hikmah friends (also my sister at High School) and also my neighbor, even present. Not far with Fajar, She is looking me with many ask. “Kenapa jadi kalem ini anak?” She is interrogate me repeatedly.

In there also presence, Kak Evy, Kak Yosie, Kak Ica, Kak Fika, Kak Zam zam, Nuhi, many more 10th generation and of course Dayat as a host.

Somebody, Inar, who was present at Haji Bate maybe so far different with somebody around 4-6 years ago. In the SMUDAMA high school, a period of seeking spirit, I am more knowledge by someone whom cheerful, talkative, and sensational. Every time, I am always mockery matter my friends and me, Inar be at the time, not more than rebellion and freedom. Social rejection what was I feel at that time and previous, making me ought to arrange strategy to refer my existence.

In a row time, I am thinking, she is not me. In university, everybody is far adult. I am nauseated with my past. Thing process accompany me be somebody who is taciturn, and to be observer/watcher. Don’t need fussy to reach existence, but I need to show my skill and ability. And I find my true self, real me, in truth Inar.

What Fajar and Kak Deka seen is metamorphosis of Inar. And they are not yet can accept me like that, Inar who different which they are know at SMUDAMA.

In wedding reception, Fardhan bring his wife. His face not many change, except He look more fat and fatherly. He is newly come two day a go from Arab Saudi. In there, he is executing marriage legalization and weeding reception will be at October. Congratulation for Fardhan, wish will be happy family, and fast give us nephew/niece.

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