Be Patient

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Sometimes we want to make it over, but we can’t and maybe we won’t or not yet support for all. We are trying to survive, but the longer we can not survive as before.

We are busy looking clue for completing it, but it remains difficult to find them. And finally we just patient. Time is always a good friend to deal with…

1 thought on “Be Patient

  1. ETL

    Excuse me Bu. if My Comment is OOT. Hehehe. I would like to inform u about my Blog. it’s already moved to wordpress. if u don’t mind, please change my adress link at your link page with a new one. Thanks Before.

    Oh, iya. memang must be patient. because sometimes u will reach and conquer it or perhapsh outrange than ur dream. Remember. Allah always beside u. Try, Fight, and Pray. Pokoknya Sure sajalah. 🙂

    Thanks Pak. I have visited your blog, and I have to change your link on my blog

    Yes… I will Try, Fight and Pray… Thanks ya..


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